Dwarf Rio Red Grapefruit



We post both dwarf and regular citrus, but are only able to post young trees due to the weight and the practicality of transporting a package with a living tree.

A dwarf form of the Rio Red Grapefruit growing to around 2 metres in ideal conditions and cropping abundantly. A newer variety of grapefruit, that is quickly becoming the variety of choice due to its beautiful pink to red flesh and a flavour that is distinctly sweeter than other grapefruit, but still has that grapefruit tang. The flesh is pink to red and similar to blood oranges, the colour pigmentation does vary due to climatic conditions, although it still colours well in Sydney. The skin has a red blush beneath the yellow skin. Fruit ripens July into August, although if the fruit is left on the tree it will continue to get sweeter.  The fruit makes a wonderful juice with the red/pink colour.

  • All our trees are sent via the standard Australia Post service and once posted we can’t guarantee arrival time, although we are provided with a tracking number.
  • We post on Monday to provide the best chance our trees arrive at their destination within that working week, although there are sometimes exceptions to this. Orders received on Monday will be sent the following Monday.
  • We send our trees in specially designed plant postage boxes and pack them carefully to ensure they arrive in good condition.
  • As many of our regular citrus trees are almost 1 metre tall, the price of postage reflects the size and weight of the trees and our packing and handling costs.
  • We are currently posting to the East Coast of Australia, as far north as the Sunshine Coast and are unable to send to Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory or Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions.

  • Our dwarf trees are in a 5 litre bag and our regular citrus trees are in either a 200mm pot or a 12 litre bag.
  • All trees are between 2.5 – 3 years old. Our trees range in size depending on variety but expect them to be between 40cm – 1m in height from the top of the pot.
  • Our postage boxes are 1 metre tall and the trees, particularly our regular citrus may have to be trimmed to fit into the box the pot adds to the size of the tree.