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Citrus Trees

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About Citrus Trees

Citrus were first introduced to Australia with the first fleet. Captain James Cook and his fellow explorers knew the nutritional value of the humble citrus. Nearly 220 years later we are still proudly growing some of the same varieties that were bought here by the first fleet.

Citrus are widely known for their delicious edible fruit and their many uses, from picking and eating straight from the tree, adding exotic flavours and that certain zing to cooking, making jams or marmalades, delicious deserts, an unusual garnish, flavouring your favourite alcoholic beverage or simply juicing for a refreshing drink. Yet there is much more beauty to citrus than just their wonderful fruit. Citrus trees also produce an abundance of heavenly scented flowers that can be cut and used as a posy or simply enjoyed on the tree filling the surrounding garden with a beautiful fragrance.

Heavenly Scented Citrus Flowers

The varied foliage of citrus trees is another magnificent asset. From small pointy leaves of a Chinotto, the unusual double lobed leaves of a Kaffir Lime, to the large dark glossy green foliage of a Red Grapefruit. The evergreen foliage produces an attractive shrub to small tree.

Citrus are a very versatile garden plant, they can be left to grow naturally into a small tree or trained into a variety of shapes only limited by your imagination. Clipped into a dense hedge, standardised for a formal look, pruned into topiary balls, espaliered against a wall or pleached and under planted, the uses of citrus are endless. Citrus are also fantastic in large pots, especially the newer dwarf varieties, making them ideal for a sunny balcony or courtyard.

If you don’t have a citrus tree in your garden, it’s certainly time to plant and reap the rewards. With over 40 different varieties, there is certainly no better place to source your trees then here at Engall’s Nursery. All our trees are specially budded (grafted) onto a suitable rootstock. This produces a superior tree that is more vigorous, and stronger growing in a wider range of soil and climatic conditions, produces better quality fruit years earlier and is more resistant to pests and diseases. We strongly advise to avoid disappointment never plant a seedling or cutting grown citrus tree.

Our Citrus Trees

We are citrus specialists, producing a range of citrus including dwarf and regular sized trees. We have popular backyard varieties including lemons, oranges and mandarins as well as rare and unusual citrus varieties with specialised uses.


Our young citrus trees are 2.5 - 3 years old and available in dwarf or regular sizes. Tree height varies, depending on the variety, from 30cm – 1m. The price for these plants is $45 each or 3 for $120. We have a limited range of more mature citrus in 400mm and 500mm pots for $175 and $320.