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Olive Varieties

Olives are low maintanence and drought tolerant, suited to Australia’s sometimes harsh weather conditions. Choose a well drained, sunny position, and follow the citrus planting instructions (planting citrus in the ground or pots).
Sizes range from young plants around 70cm tall to more established trees around 1.8m tall.

The following varieties we have found grow and fruit successfully in Sydney.


One of Italy's most important varieties. Coratina olive trees grow faster and more erect than other varieties, and adapt well to many different growing environments and conditions. The fruit is large and oval shaped. Coratina olives produce a very high quality oil with high levels of polyphenols making it very stable. They are also suitable for use as table olives. Sizes available: 200mm, 400mm


Frantoio is an Italian olive, producing a large amount of small to medium fruit. The fruit is superb for oil production but can also be pickled. Sizes available: 200mm, 400mm and 500mm


The Picual is a very dense, bushy tree producing medium sized fruit, that is suitable for both pickling and oil extraction. The Picual olive will start to bear from an early age, and in high numbers. Suitable for cold climates. Sizes available: 200mm, 400mm


Originating from Spain, the Manzanillo olive has a medium to large fruit that can be pickled green or black. Fruit is tasty with a firm texture and has a smallish seed. For optimum fruit production cross pollination with Picual is recommended. Sizes available: 200mm, 400mm