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Roses have been grown for thousands of years and are the most popular plant to grow around the world. There are over 100,000 different varieties propagated. They come in many different colours, shapes, styles, fragrances and growth habits.

Engall’s roses are available from the middle of May each year. These plants are grown in the ground, then dug and potted straight away using premium quality potting mix. They are not bagged or left in cold storage, but potted to ensure better root growth and this eases the stress when transplanting. For planting information see Rose Care. We plan to have roses throughout the year, but often some varieties sell out quickly. For the biggest range plan to buy your roses in winter or early spring.


Our Bush Roses are grown in 200mm pots and include both Hyrbrid Tea and Floribunda varieties.


  • Blue Moon (Hybrid Tea) – Large lilac blue blooms. Very fragrant.
  • Camp David (Hybrid Tea) – Beautifully formed dark red blooms. Fragrant.
  • Double Delight (Hybrid Tea) – Large carmine to red with white to cream based blooms. Very fragrant.
  • Fragrant Plum (Hybrid Tea) – Deep lilac edged with rich purple. Highly fragrant.
  • Friesia (Floribunda) – Bright yellow blooms. Fragrant.
  • Gold Bunny (Floribunda) – Medium to large soft gold blooms. Flowers continuously throughout the growing season.
  • Gold Medal (Hybrid Tea) – Yellow with light pink edges. Slightly fragrant.
  • Julia’s Rose (Floribunda) – Coffee, lavender and pink blooms.
  • Just Joey (Hybrid Tea) – Apricot coloured blooms. Fragrant
  • Kardinal (Hybrid Tea) – Bright red blooms. Fragrant.
  • Margaret Merril (Floribunda) – White blooms. Highly fragrant.
  • Mr. Lincoln (Hybrid Tea) – Dark red blooms. Highly fragrant.
  • Peace (Hybrid Tea) – Large light yellow flower with crimson to pink edges. Hardy and vigorous. Slightly fragrant.
  • Perfume Delight (Hybrid Tea) – Large deep pink flower. Vigorous. Very fragrant.
  • Princess De Monaco (Hybrid Tea) – Ivory white with deep pink edged blooms. Moderately fragrant.
  • Shocking Blue (Hybrid Tea) – Lilac/mauve with magenta backed blooms. Very fragrant.
  • White Iceberg (Floribunda) – Pure white blooms. Flowers continuously through the growing season. Lightly scented.


Standard roses are roses that are specially grafted at the top of a standard length rootstock. This provides a ball of foliage and an abundance of flowers on top of a straight stem. The elevated growth and formal appearance is very eye-catching. Whether mass planted along side a pathway or driveway, potted on either side of an entrance, or planted in a row behind a small hedge, standard roses always look great.

We grow our standard roses in two sizes. Our tallest is approximately 90cm high, and is grown in a 250mm pot. The smaller is a patio standard which is approximately 70cm high, and is grown in a 200mm pot.


  • Angel Face (Floribunda) – Deep lavender/mauve, with waved petaled blooms. Very fragrant.
  • Just Joey (Hybrid Tea) – Very large apricot flowers, mildly fragrant with a bushy growth habit.
  • Friesia (Floribunda)
  • Gold Bunny (Floribunda)
  • Kardinal (Hybrid Tea) – Large, bright scarlet flowers, prolific blooms on a vigorous plant. Lightly fragrant.
  • Mr Lincoln (Hybrid Tea) – Large dark red flowers that are highly fragrant. Upright growth habit.
  • Papa Meilland (Hybrid Tea) – Large dark velvety crimson blooms. Highly fragrant.
  • Satchmo (Floribunda) – Red orange flowers with slight fragrance. Compact and bushy plant.
  • Sexy Rexy (Floribunda) – Double pink flowers, produced in large clusters. Lightly fragrant.
  • White Iceberg (Floribunda) – White, double blooms that flower prolifically through the season. Lightly scented.
  • Burgundy Iceberg (Floribunda) – Velvety dark burgundy with silvery/white backed blooms. Flowers continuously throughout growing season.
  • Blushing Pink Iceberg (Floribunda) – Soft pink blooms with continuous flowering through growing season.
  • Brilliant Pink Iceberg (Floribunda) – Profusion of semi-double bright pink blooms with a paler back.